We’re taking things to a whole new level! Experience instant place-based insights powered by the world’s largest source of human movement data.


Tune in to see Evelina Giang, VP of Global Enablement and Solutions at Near, along with Jane Thorn Leeson, Research Analyst, Business Operations at Coldwell Banker Commercial, unveil our NEW Near Pinnacle product. In addition to revealing how you can analyze consumer behavior and places, we will also walk you through an interactive demo.


Watch the replay to learn how to:

  • Understand true consumer behavior no matter what your role within the company is
  • Enable smarter, more strategic decision making for your business with data that is easy to access, understand and share
  • Quickly display meaningful information on maps and charts to identify consumer insights and trends
  • Reveal consumer interests and buying habits with a deep understanding of where your customers are visiting, shopping, their online behavior, etc.
  • Implement tips from Coldwell Banker’s success story of using Near Pinnacle for site selection, analyzing footfall and more




Evelina Giang

Vice President, Global Enablement and Solutions


Jane Thorn Leeson

Research Analyst, Business Operations

Coldwell Banker Commercial