Modern data management and analytics professionals have begun to address ethics more comprehensively in their practices. Ethics is integral to such established enterprise data and analytics practices as privacy, security, compliance, and algorithmic accountability. In order to manage data and analytics ethically, enterprises often leverage platforms, tools, skills, and techniques that have proven useful in these and other established practices.


Join us in this on-demand panel webinar with TDWI senior research director James Kobielus and data industry experts from Near and Dataiku for in an in-depth discussion of how enterprises should address ethics in data management and advanced analytics practices.


The on-demand panel discussion will focus on several key issues:

  • What exactly is data ethics?
  • Is data ethics purely a compliance consideration, or can enterprises also accrue strategic and competitive advantages from the adoption of ethical data and analytics management practices?
  • Who should be responsible for data ethics as an operational concern in the enterprise?
  • How should enterprises organize their data and analytics governance practices to better address ethical concerns?
  • How should ethics be incorporated into the required training and certifications for data and analytics practitioners?
  • Do ethical considerations apply equally to all types of enterprise data, or are some data types more ethics-relevant than others?
  • How should businesses address privacy and other ethical concerns surrounding the handling of consumer behavior data, including the sourcing of this data from third parties?
  • What security policies and practices should enterprises implement to ensure effective enforcement of data ethics policies?
  • To what extent should oversight and enforcement of data ethics be automated vs. trusted to “humans in the loop”?
  • What, if any, quantitative metrics should enterprises collect to ensure their compliance with data ethics?75% of restaurant leaders agree that consumer behavior data is critical for their team’s business decisions. So how is this data being used to win?


James Kobielus | Senior Research Director, Data Management | TDWI

Michelle Zhou | Global Head of Product | Near

Triveni Gandhi | Responsible AI Lead | Dataiku